Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just a photo of Malcolm for the record

it might be a few years old but here he is. He goes to the gym as often as he can. Twice a week for ages and ages. He does 30 mins on the rowing machine and is a legend there at 83 years old!

The garage starts

After all the consents and letters from neighbours and $$s to the council, it is now underway. Roger the concreter was a poem to watch. So fit and strong.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Jendre helps with creating new garden

A lovely young German woman worked for us for three days under the wwoofing scheme. Here Jendre is helping scatter mulch after marking out the new gardens. These will be great in the spring.
I have planted garlic, red onions and strawberries in the first garden and scattered lupin seed in the second so we can plant in the spring.

We need to go to the racecourse and bag up some horse manure, quite an effort to two oldies with colds. Unfortunatly Jendre has already gone. Cold night and 10 degrees today after a frost, no sun much.

Deciding which feijoa to buy when the garage has been finished. It arrives today and shouldn't take too long. Then we have to get a water tank for drainage.

The firewood looks good

But the fire is so inefficient that it burns up too much wood! We are replacing the woodburner with a pyroclassic. This involves slightly altering the hearth and tomorrow a brickie does that with some old bricks out the back.

Malcolm loves chopping wood. He really enjoys the exercise and does a great job of it.