Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The snow of August 2011

snow in Aug 2011

Oh dear Managed to post a lot on Facebook but I forgot to trash my memory stick before I took out the card and lost all the others. Damaged them to the point where they are not on my photos. Darn. So here are all I could recover.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Summer 2011 report

Just counted 25 tomatoes and most of them are heritage ones. And of course the ones that do best seem to be the Moneymaker and Sweet 100. Can't do without them. Tonight I noticed some of them have white marks which look like bird droppings and I suspect I will have to get more neem oil or neem granules quickly.

Convolvulus is coming at us from all directions and a big clean up is indicated, as well as all the weeds. I am trying to get some of the areas back to easy care. Beans are being picked now and I am grateful to Chris Cairns next door who watered for a week while we were away after Christmas.

Looking forward to a good rain as it takes so much time to water.

Have harvested heaps of garlic and some onions. Potatoes will take a while yet and the kumera is growing well now. Pumpkins are looking wonderful and we are eating courgettes daily.