Friday, July 17, 2009

New fruit trees being planted

So far we have planted the following. Three figs, all coming in at different times. Early one San Pedro went into a container this morning to constrict its roots, then comes the Brown Turkey then comes the Adriatic.

Christabel sourced a King David apple for us, originated from Nelson maybe and grafted by Mark Christianson of Wanganui. We also have in the healthy one, Monte's Surprise bought from Stewart Dixon

Then the soft fruit two thornless blackberries, one boysenberry.

We have four feijoas ready to plant. One is from the local Bell Street Watson's gardens without a name, one is Wiki Tu, late and large. Then there are Unique and Apollo. Then we will plant a lemonade and a grapefruit and finally a damson plum which Wendy kindly gave us. Next winter a Hawera plum.

Two trees go at the front

For sunlight and warmth. Already sun comes onto thw lawn. Soon we will be able to plant the fruit trees there. A gum tree and a very old lilly pilly. Felled by professionals.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Another view of the garage

Gradually starting to grow things in the garden.And now we have a whole lot of fruit trees to plant. Have already planted two apples, one tamarillo, one passion fruit, two thornless blackberries and one fig.

The garage is up now

It was quick and painless. Three days and it is up. Then Malcolm dug the trench for the power line and the electrician connected us up. Next the plumber has to instal the water tank and dig a soak hole.

We are now transferring stuff from the carpetted area in the back to the garage and have already used the smooth concrete floor to make bokashi from sawdust, bran and 2% EM and 2% molasses.