Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The snow of August 2011

snow in Aug 2011

Oh dear Managed to post a lot on Facebook but I forgot to trash my memory stick before I took out the card and lost all the others. Damaged them to the point where they are not on my photos. Darn. So here are all I could recover.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Summer 2011 report

Just counted 25 tomatoes and most of them are heritage ones. And of course the ones that do best seem to be the Moneymaker and Sweet 100. Can't do without them. Tonight I noticed some of them have white marks which look like bird droppings and I suspect I will have to get more neem oil or neem granules quickly.

Convolvulus is coming at us from all directions and a big clean up is indicated, as well as all the weeds. I am trying to get some of the areas back to easy care. Beans are being picked now and I am grateful to Chris Cairns next door who watered for a week while we were away after Christmas.

Looking forward to a good rain as it takes so much time to water.

Have harvested heaps of garlic and some onions. Potatoes will take a while yet and the kumera is growing well now. Pumpkins are looking wonderful and we are eating courgettes daily.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We now have 48 fruit or nut trees planted

Been here about 18 months and have this many fruit trees planted now. Most of it happened this winter after we had felled the silver birch trees which were keeping the sun off the section. Three different figs, six dfferent apples, two pears, three plums (Damson, Hawera and Luisa), three feijoas, three cranberries, one grapefruit, three kiwifruit, one lemonade, one lemon, one gooseberry, three grapes, three passionfruit of which one is grafted and has two varieties on it, two blueberry, four raspberries, one boysenberry, 2 thornless blackberries, two tamarillos, two red currants, one nectarine, one apricot, one macadamia nut.. I think that is all. Apples are golden delicious/something else, sturmer, lobo, Monty's Surprise, gosh I forgot the others.

We have 8 blocks of vege garden in which there is very good garlic and onions, heaps of broad beans some of which are ready. This week I dug all the parsnips and have buried them in sawdust in the front part near the letterbox and dug a trench round it.

Huge pile of compost that Ben and I made and Paul turned is looking ready. Wow, we should have good tomatoes this year. Next job is to repot the heritage tomatoes I have growing.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Planted parsnips today

Yes it took a while to prepare the ground. Have put in rock dust, powdered seaweed and blood and bone, not to mention a bit of lime. Fortunately had the iphone playing new tunes all the time so managed to get the ground fairly fine. Then I planted the soaked seeds and put on some sacks.

Must keep it well watered and take the sacks off the moment they germinate.

The tiny celeriac plants I grew from seed have also been planted but the cat dug it up. I also sprinkled some celeriac seed around. My word it is so tiny. My sister Lesley in Christchurch said she grew her plants in trays last June!

And I have taken off the netting from the strawberries, which have been so wonderful. The pine needles mulch has been a great success. The strawberries are now having babies and I am not sure what I will do with them. I got mine from Christabel Jackson in March and maybe I will keep them for others.

The beans are flowering and the tomatoes are setting. The peas are nearly finished though another lot is coming up. I have just bought some wallflowers to plant tomorrow.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Carrots, snow peas, tomatoes, broad beans, corn and beans

Yes I have actually learned how to grow carrots, Also grown some beetroot and plenty of peas. Trying to tell the difference between snow peas and snap peas, not succeeded yet.

But a shocking spell of weather after Christmas. in fact Otaki has hardly had any summer yet.

My huge numbers of tomates turned out to be in the wrong place with too much shade in the morning. Funny, cos that site is fine in the winter for sun. Anyway I have no fruit on the tomatoes out the back. Not the same for the ones in front the garage where the sun really shines. They are all in pots but at least we can see the fruit forming there. Then I have a couple in the garden proper out the front and the Sweet 100 has such a strong stem, I must have put a lot of wood ash there. It is thriving. And they are getting urine and sawdust as a mulch, which is turning out well.

Beans I have planted everywhere but the structure they climb up is not really high enough, will fix that next year. Corn is looking good because I put it in a sunny spot and fed it well. Not high but looks fruitful.

Earlier we had heaps of broad beans and they are not finished, and I am getting the bed ready for a next crop. Have put in lime, and blood and bone and hope to buy some late summer veges.

I have had a couple of courgettes, which I am growing near the kiwifruit but have had to water them heaps and feed them heavily.

The strawberries have been terrific. Four or five a day for six weeks now. Delicious. I thought I would be growing them but it turns out a success. Better than buying a punnet once a week and tastier.

As for potatoes, I will grow them closer to the house next year as only the big red ones thrived. Will grow more of those next year. See photo of last years spuds.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sweet peas smell wonderful and how about this rose?

The rose is called Old Port Mackati and has a wonderful scent. As the the sweet peas, they bring back childhood memories because they really smell like sweet peas. They are a heritage seeds from Niche seeds.