Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We now have 48 fruit or nut trees planted

Been here about 18 months and have this many fruit trees planted now. Most of it happened this winter after we had felled the silver birch trees which were keeping the sun off the section. Three different figs, six dfferent apples, two pears, three plums (Damson, Hawera and Luisa), three feijoas, three cranberries, one grapefruit, three kiwifruit, one lemonade, one lemon, one gooseberry, three grapes, three passionfruit of which one is grafted and has two varieties on it, two blueberry, four raspberries, one boysenberry, 2 thornless blackberries, two tamarillos, two red currants, one nectarine, one apricot, one macadamia nut.. I think that is all. Apples are golden delicious/something else, sturmer, lobo, Monty's Surprise, gosh I forgot the others.

We have 8 blocks of vege garden in which there is very good garlic and onions, heaps of broad beans some of which are ready. This week I dug all the parsnips and have buried them in sawdust in the front part near the letterbox and dug a trench round it.

Huge pile of compost that Ben and I made and Paul turned is looking ready. Wow, we should have good tomatoes this year. Next job is to repot the heritage tomatoes I have growing.

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  1. Deirdre and Malcom, I hope you are fine. Remember me, Ivan your first wwoofer at Ranui Orchard. Long time has gone! Its nice to see you both active! This must be your new place hey!! I live in Thailand right now. Still eating raw foods and vegan! Much Bless your way. Paece Ivan