Saturday, September 5, 2009

An early view of the vege garden

The colour is a bit artificial but it shows the eight plots. Potatoes are now coming up in the far two beds, all Maori pototoes. The next one awaits kumera later and is being fed with all sorts of goodies. The nearest plot has both garlic and red onions and some of it is surrounded by strawberries, though this experiment is not altogether successful as the birds scratched out quite a few. I transplanted the strawberries nearest the garlic because I read a book on companion planting which recommended against them together. Anyway I have broad beans in one bed and peas in the next one together with some healthy looking beetroot. I noticed the peas didn't like horse manure and burnt up (so I took the manure away, as well as it was possible). I planted some snow peas yesterday but avoided too rich soil. Hope they grow well.

In the back garden we have two thornless blackberries and a good looking tamarillo. The passion fruit is near the compost heap. Then silver beet and curly kale, celery, parsley, great coriander find their homes among the lavendar. I planted six small cabbage there too, though I put toilet rolls round them to protect from slugs.

The little garden outside the kitchen is being saved for tomatoes, I have grown Russian silvery fir tomatoes (NICHE seeds) very carefully and lovingly inside. So I will have to put some ash and urine on the tomato bed, as well as dig in bokashi and the new compost before planting out the tomatoes. I have Alderman climbing peas about to go up the post and need to put netting round it soon. But the soil there was a bit stony.

And nearby the roses are underplanted with chives and parsley. I empty washed milk cartons on them and give them some worm wee. It goes almost everywhere actually.

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